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Iron Man 3? Pretty fucking awesome. Don Cheadle kicking ass in a green polo, awwwwwww yiss.

Also, stay until the end of the credits. For the love of all that is holy, stay until the end of the credits.



What is with the god-awful artwork on recent Disney Princess merchandise (and yes, I am specifically talking about Belle)? How does whoever approved that still have a job, seriously.


I got a foot of hair cut off today, and it's still below my shoulders. I also ate a Rare Candy! Yes, you can get official Rare Candy now. I was going to make a joke about leveling up, but I just saw this disclaimer on the label:

"Even if you eat the candy, your level won't go up. Leveling up depends on your own effort!"

Looks like it's back to grinding.

Also, Amy's Suite is pretty awesome.

Dec. 19th, 2012

Holy crap, when did it become only 5 days until Christmas. o_O And where is the new DWFO~~~~~~~

One more call for handmade New Year's cards! You can leave your address on this post!

For some reason I feel like watching Early Edition and playing Scarab of RA. Actually, I have been playing Scarab of RA. I still jump out of my skin every time I see that mummy.
Pretty awesome CostCo run today. Unlike last time (I was not pleased), they had Dr. Pepper in stock, but the real finds were pumpkin pie (!!!) and string cheese. Fifty sticks of string cheese for ¥1000, that's all I can say. They also had Disney/Pixar eco-bag sets (I got a Toy Story/Monsters, Inc./Cars one) and a 3-CD set of soothing classical music capitalizing on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" meme.

Also finally got my BPAL Weenies today. All but one smell awesome in the vials. I think I'm going to be very glad I decided to get the full bottle of Beaver Moon.

Cold snap started today. Finally had to turn on the heat. Sadface.

what I did today

• Oura Catholic Church
• Gunkanjima
• Koshi-Byo Confucian Shrine
• Hollander Slope
• Chinatown
• Sofukuji
• Kofukuji
(There is also a Shofukuji, but I didn't go)
• played a koto
• petted cats
• Meganebashi
• Suwa Jinja
• Matsumori Jinja
• petted another cat
• Nagasaki Ropeway

...and this is someone who usually doesn't even get dressed on the weekend. x_x

Gunkanjima (which, btw, is apparently the villain's lair in the new 007 film) was so incredibly amazing. But holy crap, I seriously thought the boat was going to capsize on the way there, and this was one of the ~150 days a year when the seas were calm enough to land. One poor guy got seasick, and he looked so miserable. But we were able to go on the island, even though it's just a teeny tiny part. What I would give to be able to go into some of those buildings~~~~~~~~ Darn my aversion to getting arrested! (No photos yet because I left my camera cable at home and also because uploading photos is sooooooo boring.)

Oct. 23rd, 2012

Stuff I meant to post about a long time ago:

1. I HAVE CAUGHT THEM ALL. You read that right; all 649 Pokémon are mine. Not sure what to do with my life now.

2. I joined the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra! Check out how awesome we are:

(You can see me, but I'm not telling you where. :P )
[edit again] Video is working now!

Other stuff:

3. Most unexpected Gachapon find ever: A Goofy Movie phone straps. I've never even met a Japanese person who knows that movie exists.

4. I'm leaving for Nagasaki in one week. The timing is completely coincidental, but I'll be spending my Halloween here. (Legally, unfortunately.)

rating the Doctors: One


rating the Companions, part 2



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