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Are you a ladyperson?
Do you wear a bra?
Does someone you care about wear a bra?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, go read this right now:


I'm sure you've all seen those soundbites about how 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. What those soundbites don't go on to say is that's because the way we have all been taught to figure out our bra size is full of shit. I just went out and bought a bra (yes, a Japanese bra!) according to this guide, and it is awesome and comfortable and makes me and my boobs look better, and makes the most amazing difference in my posture. And not gonna lie, it feels pretty good to instantly go down two band sizes and go up two cup sizes.

In other news, today is Setsubun. For some reason, the school thinks it's a good idea to have a guy dress up as a demon and scare the shit out of pre-schoolers. I successfully ate the traditional ehoumaki, but the grocery store didn't have any plain tuna, so I tried something different and got a hirekatsu one. Yes: breaded pork cutlet, egg, and lettuce rolled in sushi rice and wrapped in seaweed. Oh, Japan.


Tea Time: Daruma

by Lupicia
flavored black tea

This limited New Year's blend is very pleasant to look at, with chunks of candied mango and pink peppercorns giving a festive, wintery feeling. The scent is full and fruity, with an invigorating kick from the pink pepper.

The taste is much like the scent, with a full-bodied fruity sweetness and an unexpected peppery finish. It's pretty weird at first, but nice once you get used to it. It's supposed to be a blend for invigoration and motivation, and I can totally see that. However, the longer you brew it, the stronger the pink pepper gets, so you have to be careful. The flavor changes a lot if you reuse the tea bag. Personally, I think it's pretty nice overall, but it's not ever going to be one of my favorites.

Tea Time: White Christmas

White Christmas
by Lupicia
flavored black tea

This tea should win an award for presentation. I don't know what kinds of awards are given out for tea presentation, but this one should win all of them. As a rule, all of Lupicia's teas smell great. But this one just completely blows the rest of them away. The scent is meant to be white chocolate, apricot, and holiday cookies, but the whole thing combines to make an amazingness that's beyond description. And that's just the beginning. The tea itself has those little silver candy balls in it, (you know, the kind that Grandma used to put on her Christmas cookies) as well as konpeito covered with edible silver leaf. It looks wonderful and charming and Christmassy and amazing. If I were entertaining for the holidays, I would totally put some spoonfuls of this in small decorative bowls to use as room scent and decoration. But even that isn't the end of it. When the tea is brewed, especially if you use a tea strainer rather than a bag, the konpeito melts, causing the silver leaf to become edible tea glitter. Yes, the tea actually sparkles.

Unfortunately, after all that build-up, the taste is... well, it's finicky. Unlike Jingle Bells, which tastes great every time, White Christmas has to be brewed just so, with just the right amount of sugar, or else it ends up being a huge disappointment. Not bad, just not anywhere near the amazingness that the smell promises. When you do get it just right, though, it's wonderful. Smooth white chocolate and apricot, and just a hint of cookies, and perfect for cozying up to on a snowy day. (Too bad we don't get any of those here.) I'm sure I'll be getting more of this next winter when my current bag is up.

Tea Time: Jingle Bells

Lately, I've been feeling like I want write up reviews of tea and manga, so why not? And where better to start than with Lupicia's limited holiday blends?

Jingle Bells
by Lupicia
flavored black tea

I generally choose tea by how it smells, and this one smells fantastic. It's a bright, fruity scent, and according to the package, also has a champagne note, which I wouldn't have been able to pick out on my own, but after reading it's there, it makes sense to me. Somehow, the scent evokes holly berries and baubles against pine boughs and sleigh rides through the snow on a bright, crisp winter day, even though it doesn't actually smell like any of those things. Visually, the tea itself has some tiny flowers among the tea leaves, which also doesn't have any relation to how it smells, but it looks nice.

When drinking, the tea tastes exactly as it smells, and evokes the same imagery. It's very full and flavorful. It tastes great no matter how it's prepared, but in my opinion, it's best when brewed strong with lots of sugar. My personal story about this tea is that when I went to do the recording for the Christmas Carol Suite (see how I slipped that link in there), I decided to take a thermos of this with me. However, I thought my thermos held a lot more than it actually did, so I put about twice as much sugar in as I normally do. And when I got to the recording place, I found out that my thermos keeps drinks hot a lot better than I thought it did. So it was a couple hours before I could drink it, and the tea bag was sitting at the bottom that whole time. And that was about the best cup of tea I've ever had in my life. (That's also the day I made the recording that got picked for the solo, so maybe it's lucky as well?) Anyway, all-around, this is one of my absolute favorite teas, and now that my bag of it is almost empty, I really wish I'd bought more of it when I was down at Lupicia, even though I have 10 other blends to drink.

it's finally heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra's 50th Anniversary Suite! With official sfx played by Ben freaking Foster himself OMG.

Dec. 18th, 2013

Oh hey, I wrote Night Vale fic. Because Night Vale is awesome and squishy.

Nov. 15th, 2013

Welp, my job can go fuck the hell right off.
My brain is squashed flat like a little, oozing bug. I blame Welcome to Night Vale. (Which you should totally listen to, if you haven't already.)
According to the doctor, this week's ailment is bronchitis. Hooray.


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